clutter blindnessTo those with clutter blindness, it doesn’t look like anything, they don’t notice it. They don’t see the clutter because they’ve adapted to it, to seeing it all the time, it becomes part of the furniture, home décor, etc.

Clutter blindness can happen to anyone, however, it seems that it’s more prevalent among those with health issues, physically and mentally. It makes sense. If you’re not feeling well, you’re less likely to put things away, so the clutter starts to grow and before you realize it, it’s everywhere and you stop noticing it.

It’s a known fact that clutter causes stress. Even if the person says the clutter piles don’t bother them, it is causing a certain amount of stress in their lives. They may not know they’re stressed, but the clutter piles all around them are causing that stress.

There are some ways to combat clutter blindness, and the key to finding peace in your piles of clutter is mindfulness. Just being aware of all of the clutter is the first step.  Of course, you need to take an action, or series of actions on a regular basis to keep the clutter from piling up.

Now that you’re aware of your clutter blindness, you’re on track to living a clutter-free life.  Unfortunately, the clutter won’t disappear on its own, unlike how it accumulated before your very eyes that you didn’t notice.  You need to take actions to make it disappear initially, then actions to keep it from piling up as mentioned above.

These actions are outlined below, and if you know of others not listed here, I encourage you to put them in the comments section below.

Actions to Eliminate Clutter Blindness

  • Declutter and organize your spaces using the organizing process
  • Practice meditation to help you focus on mindfulness in your spaces
  • Practice mindfulness regularly by walking through your spaces to see if any clutter piles are starting to accumulate
  • Create a daily routine to put away things away that don’t belong where they are