pots and pansStoring pots and pans can be challenging. Most are bulky and require a lot of storage space. If you have a small kitchen with limited storage, it gets even more tricky.  It’s not impossible, you just have to get creative in finding storage that fits your needs.

These bulky pieces of cookware are instrumental in preparing meals, so you want to have them easily accessible.  If kitchen storage space is an issue, consider storing infrequently used pieces in another area in your home, such as a basement.

The various options below are intended to get your creative juices flowing to figure out how to store these tools. If you have other options not listed here, please provide them in the comments section below.


Pegboard – don’t underestimate the organizational power of pegboard! When we think of pegboard, our thoughts may go directly to the garage or workshop.  It works great for hanging tools, so why not use it to hang pots and pans in your kitchen!

Actually, any room that is short on storage space can benefit from using wall space to hang pegboard for storage. It can be painted to match your décor and tone down the industrial look.

Towel bars – this is another versatile tool used in various ways for organization. Attach one on a wall, outside of an end upper or lower cabinet and hang your pots and pans with S hooks for easy access.

Racks – there are a variety of types of racks that can be used to store pots and pans without sacrificing precious storage space.  Most are either wall or ceiling mounted. Both types provide easy access to your cookware.


Cabinets are the natural choice to store pots and pans. If you have plenty of cabinets, this option may work well for you.  Read on for tips to store cookware in cabinets.

Slide out drawers provide easy access to the items stored in the back.

Nesting cookware inside each other saves space.

There are various racks you can buy designed especially for storing cookware and matching lids in cabinets.

The inside of cabinet doors using towel bars or other racks, is a great way to store lids. For other lid storage ideas, click on this link to read a blog post I wrote about this topic.

Lower corner cabinets typically have wasted space that isn’t easy to access. Take advantage of this space by installing hooks inside to hang cookware.  A rack on the floor of the cabinet can be used for lid storage as well.


Drawers are another natural choice to store pots and pans. Deep drawers are even better to store bulky cookware. If a remodel is in your future, incorporate one or more deep drawers into your plan. Some have an option for a lid drawer in the top of the deep drawer.

Some electric stoves have a storage or warming drawer at the bottom that could be used for storing bulky cookware. It’s handy and provides easy access where you will use it to prepare meals.

Frying pans take up less space. They can be nested in an infrequently used oven if you are fortunate enough to have a double oven. Just remember to remove them before you turn it on!