stuffApparently, it is according to George Carlin.  What an awesome comedian! George thinks about things we encounter in our daily lives and puts a hilarious spin on them.  He talks about stuff in a very comical way but he is so on point with his message.  Our stuff is our things, items, belongings, whatever term you use to describe your stuff.

Looking at this bit at a higher level is how we store our things.  When he describes taking off in a plane and looking down at all the piles of stuff with covers on them, he means our houses. Our houses, garages and sheds are big storage containers that we use to store our belongings.  And we have to think about locking up these containers so no one steals our treasures. They want the good stuff, not memories of our past that no one cares about. 

As George so comically mentioned, we are always looking for places to put our belongings. Whether we are at home, work, school or when we travel, we need places to put our things. We bring items with us wherever we go and they are stored in some way. 

The possibilities of storage are endless.  What we put our things in is storage like our homes.  Our clothes have built in storage such as pockets.  We carry storage in the form of purses, wallets, luggage, totes and backpacks. 

We have things on us at all times.  Maybe not a lot of items depending on where we are and what we are doing, but we have stuff we need at any given time.  So, we need places to put our stuff wherever we are and wherever we go.

Since we have so much stuff, we need to think about organizing.  We organize our things so we know where to find everything when we need it.  When we assign a home to an item, containerize it and label it, we can find it quickly. 

Part of the organizing process is to purge your excess stuff. George talks about getting more stuff and a bigger house for all your stuff. A less funny way to deal with excess is to purge; ok maybe we can make it funny but that’s not really my forte.  Discard all the things that are broken, unused and unloved, the excess.  

George uses comedy to get us thinking about all our stuff.  Yes, it’s funny but maybe we need to read between the lines. Think about what we have and how easily we can find our stuff.  If all your stuff is creating stress in your life in some way, consider getting your stuff and your life organized.