It’s no secret. If we have pets we love them and want them to be healthy and happy. And when our pets are happy, we are happy.

Living with pets is such a wonderful experience and also a big responsibility. There are many factors to consider. They are family members, so we need to consider them in our daily activities just as we do with our human family members.

Getting organized for our pets will help us to enjoy them even more and will make our lives easier. Read on for some ideas to organize for your pets.


Pets, like children thrive on routines. They get used to them and expect them. They know when it’s time to eat, time for bed and even when you get home from work. Routines make theirs and our lives easier. Getting them in a routine of eating at certain times, then going outside to go potty (for dogs), going for a walk (again for dogs & maybe cats), make it easy to fit into our hectic schedules. If you & your dog are in obedience training, a good time to practice the skills you learn is when you take your dog for a walk. You may want to use a paper calendar centrally located in your home initially, until you get your routines ingrained in your daily activities.


Healthcare is an important factor for your pet just as it is for you. Finding a veterinarian you trust with your pet’s care is the first step. I recommend talking to family and friends for a recommendation. When your pet comes to live with you, take them to the vet to get them checked out to understand how to care for their health. If they need medication on a regular basis or just periodically (ie., flea & tick treatments), you will get them into a routine as mentioned above. The paper calendar is a good way to remember monthly treatments and vet appointments.


Food – There are so many options for food storage. I recommend storing pet food in sealed, clear, plastic storage containers. Clear plastic makes it easy to see when the supply is getting low so you can get more before you run out completely. Where you store the food depends on how much space you have. The ideal place to store the food is where you use it. If you have a pet that primarily lives in a cage, somewhere near to the cage is a good place to store it.

Tools – Every kind of pet that lives with you requires tools for their care. Dogs & cats have pet bowls, collars, leashes, toys, litter boxes, kitty litter, brushes, and possibly nail clippers. Birds have cages, paper & gravel for the bottom of the cage, perches, and toys. I could go on but you know the types of required tools that you have for your pet. Again, the ideal place to store tools is where you will use them.

My kitty’s tools are in a basket on the dresser in the room with her litter box and food bowls. Her toys are pretty much scattered around the room. They go in her bed when I need to vacuum.

My dog’s tools are in a Thirty One tote on the kitchen counter. She has a basket on the floor in the family room with her toys. They also end up scattered around the floor as she plays with them but go back in the basket when I need to vacuum. Wish I would have trained her to put her toys away when she’s done with them.

My dog also has a bone shaped peg hanger on the wall near the door, to hang leashes, halters & one of those plastic bag holders where I store her bandanas.