back to schoolYes it’s that time again, to start preparing for the kids to go back to school.   There are many things that need to be done but probably the most important is to establish or reestablish daily routines.  Summer schedules or lack of, may mean staying up late and sleeping later and wreak havoc on the routines established from the last school year. Daily routines are essential to ensure your child is ready to get everything they need out of the education system to be all that they can be when they grow up.

Some things may have changed since the last school year.  Your child is older and may be going to a different school which will change their routine from last year.  They may need to get up earlier to catch the bus or may be going to a different after school care provider.   As your child gets older and transitions from elementary to secondary school, then to high school, the routine of choosing their classes will change, and subsequently the routine of the route they take to get to those new classes will change.  New locker assignments need to be factored into their daily class route.  After school activities will also need to be figured into their routine and your schedule, to make sure they have transportation to and from these activities.  These routines will need to be revised along the way as things change, but the foundation of their routine is the place to start.  Repeating this routine will make it a habit and the earlier they start, the sooner it will become second nature which means the less you will need to remind them, and hopefully the less they will complain about your constant nagging.

The points below will help you create or revise your child’s daily routine for a smooth transition to their new school year.

  • Review routines from the previous year for each child and for you.
  • List the changes in your child’s life from the previous year; for example, moving from elementary to secondary school. Beside each change, list the factors that will change their routine from the previous year; for example, moving to secondary school-need to go to bed earlier to get up earlier to catch the bus.
  • Make it easy on yourself by revising the previous year’s routine to incorporate the changes for this year. There is no reason to reinvent the wheel!
  • Document their new routine and post it where you and your child can see it.
  • Start this new routine early, about 2-3 weeks prior to the start of school to ease them and you into it.
  • Be consistent. Repetition will turn this routine into a habit in no time!