Go Green During Spring Cleaning

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Image courtesy of Arvind Balaraman / Spring cleaning is a process that can take quite a while.  It’s not typically done in a weekend.  There are many rooms and spaces to consider, along with the yard and perhaps a vehicle or two.  As we clean, we declutter and clear our homes of items we no longer need, want or love.  Some of the items to discard are still in good shape while others are not.  The items that still have life in them could be donated to a charity so that someone could reuse them.  Non-working items such as, [...]

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What is a Digital Estate Plan?

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Image courtesy of Stuart Miles / There’s a lot of talk in the organizing industry these days, about what happens with your online accounts after you pass away.  You may be asking yourself, ‘why do I care?’ After all, you’ll be gone so does it really matter?  The answer is, yes it does matter. Whether you’re active on social media, or just pay bills online, you have an online presence. When you have an online presence, you’re vulnerable to hackers - identity theft aficionados. They are ever vigilant to your online activities.  They can wreak havoc on the living [...]

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Don’t Be Afraid Of Organizing For Halloween

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Boo! Did I scare you? We are approaching the Halloween season, just having past the Autumnal Equinox a couple of weeks ago. It’s getting cooler outside and the leaves are beginning to turn colors. There’s definitely a shift in the air. And if you have kids they may already be thinking about what they’re going to wear for Halloween. This is the time to begin the planning process if you haven’t already started. Having a plan will take the guesswork out of knowing what you should do, when organizing for Halloween. Developing a plan also reduces the stress of the last minute running [...]

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September is National Preparedness Month

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Since September is National Preparedness Month, and hurricane season is in full swing, I decided to tweak a previous newsletter article that discussed weather emergencies for this month. In 2004, this month was designated to review our state of preparedness and make adjustments accordingly. These adjustments are not only for our home & family, but for our businesses and communities as a whole. This means being prepared for a range of emergencies such as home fires, and natural disasters to terrorist attacks. Staying informed of current events is critical to be prepared for these types of emergencies. Cell phones, computers and the [...]

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10 Tips to Organize a Successful Garage Sale

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After recently performing the task of de-cluttering your spaces, and ‘spring cleaning’ to refresh the inside of your home, you probably found a myriad of items that you want to discard. There are a lot of ways to recycle items, most of which is to donate these items to a worthy cause. However, some items have more monetary value than others, and you may want to sell them rather than make a donation to receive the tax write-off. In that case, having a garage sale is an option. Other options include, selling items at a consignment shop, or selling them [...]

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Summer Road Trips

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Ahh summertime! Vacations are synonymous with summer and road trips. The kids are out of school, so it’s a great time to get away with the family for awhile to enjoy the warm sunny weather, and create some memories that will last a lifetime. Because of the state of the economy, everyone is trying to cut costs, and traveling by way of driving is sometimes more cost effective. Long hours in the car however, can cause anxiety for some, but it doesn’t have to. With a bit of planning on the front end, you and your family can enjoy a memorable road [...]

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Easter Holiday – Here Comes Peter Cottontail…

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‘Hoppin down the bunny trail… My family gathers together for each holiday, and the next one up is Easter. It’s such a fun holiday! There is of course, the religious aspect, which is what the holiday is all about. There is no connection that I could find, between the Easter Bunny and the Christian tradition of honoring the day Jesus Christ rose from the dead. In my family, the celebration continues after church with dinner, and an Easter egg hunt for the little ones. At this time of year in the Midwest, the weather dictates where the egg hunt will be held. [...]

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Time Clutter

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Image courtesy of Stuart Miles / I heard or read something the other day about how much busier we are these days as opposed to say, the settlers that forged across the country to create a new life in the west. Those settlers were very good at managing their time, much better at it than we are today. They were no less busy than we are now, and they had handicaps then that we don’t have now. They hunted animals, farmed for their food, and prepared meals, instead of running to the grocery store, dining out, or better yet, having meals [...]

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Why Think About Retirement Now, I’m Only 22

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When I was first starting out, I would often hear my older family members tell me that I need to start planning now for the future, as well as retirement. I understood that I probably needed to plan for the future, the near future, but retirement? I have to admit, I thought they were crazy. I’m in my early twenties, why do I need to think about retirement now? My thoughts were deeply anchored in how I was going to support myself at that time, not when I’m 65. It was not until much later in life that I realized my [...]

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