My niece just got married on the beach in Florida and the ceremony was beautiful! I’m sure the bride and groom were a little nervous but it didn’t show at all. With the beautiful weather, the soothing sound of the ocean, and the warm breeze blowing, everyone seemed so relaxed. She did such a great job planning her wedding. This was done in a matter of 6 months so she was very organized in her approach and it went off without a hitch. Their reception is this week and just like the ceremony, is expected to go smoothly. I’m so proud of her!

Now that she’s married, there are some legal things she needs to do regarding her name change. This post provides a list of items that all new wives need to address when they have a new name. You will need copies of your marriage license and in some cases, a certified copy to make the changes, so make sure you order several certified copies. Congratulations Kim & Chris!

•Social Security – This is the place to begin since all things legal are attached to this number. Click on this link to fill out an application, to understand what supporting documents are required, and how to submit the application.

•DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) – You need to go to your local DMV to change your name on your driver’s license and vehicle registration. A form will need to be submitted for each of these with supporting documentation. Visit your state’s DMV on the Internet for additional information.

•Financial Institutions – Contact each of the financial institutions you do business with to understand their requirements to make the change; ie., banks, credit unions, mortgage companies, brokerage firms, and credit card companies.

•Employers – Check with your Human Resources department to understand the process to change your name on all your employment documentation.

•Rent/Lease – If you rent or lease your home or vehicle, inform your leasing company of your recent marriage so they can make the change to your account.

•Utilities/Service Provider’s – This category is very broad so you may want to make a checklist of the companies you need to contact to make the name change or to combine bills; ie., electric, gas, water, sewer, phone (landline & cell), ISPR-Internet Service Provider, trash, cable tv.

•Healthcare Providers – This includes all doctors (primary, specialists & eye doctors), hospitals, and dentist. If you have notarized Advanced Care Directives, new notarized forms with your new name will need to replace existing forms. Fill out privacy forms authorizing your spouse to discuss your healthcare with your doctors.

•Insurance Providers – This could include, auto, home, life, healthcare and business liability. If you use an insurance broker, you may only need to make one call to make the change to all of your policies.

•Military – If you or your spouse is in the military, check with the payroll office of the branch you are in to find out the steps to take to make the change.