drawer dividers

What’s the best way to wrangle messy drawers? Using drawer dividers of course!

Drawers have a way of getting out of control easily in terms of becoming a catchall for everything. When you are tidying up in a hurry, you may just slide everything off the counter and into a drawer. It’s out of sight, so on the surface it appears that everything is in order.

The problem with this logic comes into play when you’re trying to find something that you know you put in that drawer. You dig around for awhile and you may or may not find what you’re looking for. It’s frustrating because you know it’s in there and you’re wasting precious time that you don’t have!

So, what can you do? Put on your organizing hat and organize those drawers using drawer dividers. That’s what you do.

First take everything out of the drawer. Determine the purpose of the drawer. Is it in the kitchen and needs to hold utensils, or is it in the bathroom and needs to store cosmetics? Understanding the purpose will determine what goes back in.

Discard the trash that magically accumulated in there. Relocate the items that don’t belong. Group like items together. Now you are ready to put everything back.

Drawer dividers are useful tools to keep like items together so the drawer doesn’t become a jumbled mess. They come in all shapes and sizes and there are a variety of them on the market.

You can also use items you have around the house that work as drawer dividers. Items like egg cartons, baby food jars, or empty Pringles containers, short and tall. Many of us have plastic containers that have mysteriously lost their lids that can be used as well.

Whether you decide to make the minimal investment to purchase store bought drawer dividers, or get creative and reuse items that would otherwise have been discarded, conquering your drawer clutter by using dividers is the way to go!