Everyone has t shirts. Not everyone stores their t shirts the same way. Unless you hang them on hangers, you probably fold t shirts.  Some store them on a closet shelf, while others store them in drawers.

When you store folded t shirts on shelves, you can easily see the colors which makes it easy to choose the t shirt you want to wear.  That’s not usually the case when they are stored in a drawer.  Since they’re stacked, you can’t easily see the t shirts on the bottom of the stack.  This may be one reason why we wear 20% of our clothes 80% of the time.

An easy fix to this dilemma is to file t shirts, like hanging file folders. In order to file t shirts, you need to fold them each the same way for uniformity.  Then file them in the drawer just like in a filing cabinet. This concept provides a neatly organized drawer and the ability to see all of them at a glance.

There are many videos on the internet to show you how to fold t shirts; you can do a search to find them.  The newest way seems a bit confusing to me, but it may not be to you.  There are also various products to help you fold t shirts perfectly every time.  These methods appear to be similar to how the stores fold t shirts for display.  The end result of these folding techniques, appear to make the t shirt a little taller than what would realistically fit in a dresser drawer.

Here are the steps I use that I learned some time ago.  It was from an internet video that I have not been able to locate.  It doesn’t require a folding board of any kind, just your hands.

  1. Place the t shirt face down on a flat surface.

TShirt Fold-Step1

  1. Fold each sleeve inward so the folded edge meets the neckline on each side.


TShirt Fold-Step 2

  1. Fold the bottom edge up to about 1/3 of the height.


TShirt Fold-Step 3

  1. Fold the top edge down to about 1/3 of height so that it almost touches the neckline.


TShirt Fold-Step 4

  1. Fold the bottom up to the top edge.


This process works for long sleeve t shirts, tanks, and camisoles as well.  Just tuck the straps on the camisoles and tanks downward in step 2 above.

Results of folded t shirts filed in a drawer

Tshirt drawer

This is a picture of my t shirt drawer. This technique keeps the wrinkles to a minimum, and the drawer looks neat and organized!

What technique do you use to fold t shirts?