122815 Winter_Blues_iStock_Small - resizedHere in the Midwest, the weather can get pretty ugly after the turn of the New Year.  The temps dip to well below freezing and we sometimes get a lot of snow, and dare I say it, ICE!  It actually looks pretty if you’re looking at it from inside a warm house, and you don’t have to go out.  The kids love it when it snows a lot. They wait in anticipation of seeing their school pop up on the list of closings on the early morning news.

Whether we see milder temps or get blasted full force with winter weather, we end up pretty much stuck inside for awhile.  The holidays are over, so hopefully our busy schedules wane to a slower pace.  After some much needed time to relax from the recent hectic holidays, we may begin to get a little bit of cabin fever.

Maybe this is a good time to work on those resolutions, or goals for the New Year.  If you haven’t made any resolutions or goals, this is a good time to jot some down.  One of the top New Year’s resolutions is to get organized.  And what better time when you’re stuck in the house surrounded by clutter!  January was designated as GO (get organized) Month, by NAPO (National Association of Professional Organizers) several years ago.  It makes sense to begin the year off on the right foot by decluttering and organizing your spaces to allow new experiences to come into your life.

Organizing is something you can do a little at a time.  You may be asking yourself, where do I begin?  That’s a good question.  I’m sure that there is an area that bothers you the most; I would start there. Start small. Maybe you have a drawer that you can’t open for all the stuff that is ‘stuffed’ in there.  By starting with a small area, once it’s decluttered and organized, it will make you feel better just knowing that you got started.  That sense of accomplishment may motivate you to continue until all your spaces are organized.  I can’t think of a better way to beat the winter blues!