comfort zoneWhat does it mean to get out of your comfort zone? Well, it actually means to do something different than you’re used to doing that may not feel comfortable.  Sometimes it’s just the anticipation of making a change that brings on that feeling of discomfort. It’s easy and comfortable to continue to do things the way you’ve always done them no matter how your situation changes or how it makes you feel.

There are times when things change in your life and you don’t particularly like the way these changes make you feel.  However, you know what to expect in your current situation, so it may be easier just to stay within your comfort zone than making a change.

Making a change, and it may not have to be a big change, may make your life easier in some way. It may be uncomfortable at first, but when you get used to the differences, you may wonder why you waited so long. The same thing goes for taking a different approach to get different results. Getting out of your comfort zone may be just what you need to get the results that you want.

There are many situations that could indicate the need for a change. Learning new things may not be comfortable but they are necessary to grow and maybe make your life easier. Learning new technology is a good example of getting out of your comfort zone.

It’s probably more difficult for the older population. I’m one of them so I totally understand. Technology changes so often that it’s difficult to keep up, even for technology companies. The big thing we’ve had to deal with in the past year is online technology, primarily in communications, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In order to stop the spread, we’ve been advised to stay home as much possible. This has caused us to learn new technology to adapt.  From Zoom calls to work from home and stay in touch with family and friends, to ordering everything online that we need for daily activities, it’s been quite a learning experience for many people.

Hopefully this article will provide some solace in the idea of getting out of your comfort zone in order to learn, grow and make things a little easier. To know that you are not alone as so many people are doing this to adapt to this ever-changing situation that we find ourselves in.  It will get better and when it’s all over, you will have learned some valuable lessons to use going forward.