FDP_RecyleArrow_Arvind_Balaraman - ResizedImage courtesy of Arvind Balaraman / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Spring cleaning is a process that can take quite a while.  It’s not typically done in a weekend.  There are many rooms and spaces to consider, along with the yard and perhaps a vehicle or two.  As we clean, we declutter and clear our homes of items we no longer need, want or love.  Some of the items to discard are still in good shape while others are not.  The items that still have life in them could be donated to a charity so that someone could reuse them.  Non-working items such as, household appliances or electronics, can be donated to facilities to be recycled so they don’t end up in a landfill.  Another thing we have a lot of is paper to discard.  Some of our papers have sensitive information that can end up in the hands of identity thieves, which consequently can create all kinds of financial issues for us if not disposed of properly.

Spring just naturally makes us think of spring cleaning and clearing clutter.  That’s probably why there are so many recycling events around town during this time.  These events help us with some of the discards to keep a lot of items out of our landfills which in turn, will keep our carbon footprints smaller. It also helps to protect us from identity thieves, while the paper is destroyed and also recycled.

Many communities have waste disposal services that also provide recycling services that are picked up from your home, others do not.  That’s why there are facilities that have drop off sites year round that will accept items to recycle.  During your spring cleaning, please consider the meaning of the recycle symbol which is, to reduce, reuse, recycle, so we can save our planet for the next generations to come!