evernote appThe Evernote app is one of those apps to organize your life that consequently increases productivity.  With the invention of the smart phone, which has internet connectivity, the apps came next.  Apps are basically software applications that you install on your smart phone.

They have an app for everything that you can think of.  It seems that all these apps were created to help us with our fast paced, on-the-go lifestyles.  We keep our phones close to stay connected but they can be useful tools as well. Just go into the ‘app’ on your smart phone to search for a topic and many will appear.

There are so many apps that will help you get and stay organized.  My favorite is the Evernote app.  Like many, they have free and paid plans.  The free version works very well for my needs.  I suggest comparing the free and paid plans to see which works best for you.  Below are the features of the Basic plan as shown on their website.  To compare the features of the different plans, click on this link.

Basic: Free

Take great notes

  • Rich formatting with tables and attachments
  • Collect web clippings and screenshots from any browser or device
  • Record audio notes
  • Create to-do lists with checkboxes
  • Take notes with your stylus on mobile devices
  • Highlight, annotate, or comment on images

Capture inspiration

  • Attach PDFs, receipts, files, and documents
  • Clip full pages, images, and text from the web

Be organized

  • Search and find your notes fast
  • Create notebooks and tags
  • Sort and organize information by date, title, or tag
  • Search for text inside images

Share with others

  • Share a notebook with one or more people
  • Set permissions for editing notes and notebooks

As mentioned above, the basic features of the Evernote app work well for my needs. It’s my main memory resource.  I store business documents, family prescription medications lists, allergies lists, product information, internet articles, videos and websites, pictures of items in stores, etc. Really anything that I want to remember or refer to later.

All of the things I store in the Evernote app are organized by creating notebooks by category.  Creating notebooks by category allows for easy access.  As with any organizing solution, the ability to quickly find what you’re looking for is key to productivity.

Most recently, I needed to buy an air filter for my riding lawnmower.  The place I bought the mower had limited information about the mower on file under my name. They needed to know the type and model of the engine in order to give me the air filter that fit my mower.  Taking a picture of the label on the engine had all the necessary information and it was right there in my Evernote app.

What app do you use to organize your life to increase productivity?