quality of lifeIn the past, I’ve written about our things being proportionate to our living spaces. This concept is more about quality of life, which can include quantity of things. It’s actually a balancing act to keep our things proportionate to our living spaces.

Our quality of life has many components. One of those components is about how we feel at any given moment.  Our living environment plays a big part in how we feel.  Healthy bodies and minds keep us in line with making smart decisions about our lives, and our things that live in our spaces.

What we do to keep our quality of life at a healthy level is key.  Mindfulness of our health includes the things that occupy our living spaces. Did you ever look around your home and realize that you have too much stuff? Did you think that maybe that’s why you feel the way you do?

Too much clutter can cause stress for many reasons. If you can’t find things you need, when you need them, you can’t get things done due to the search.  It can also cause you to be late to appointments, or work, or school.  Too much stress can affect your quality of life, especially your health, in a negative way.

Too much clutter translates into the quantity of things part of the title of this article.  Mindfulness, or awareness of our living environment includes the things we keep, or store in our spaces.

“Keep what is worth keeping, and then with the breath of kindness blow the rest away.” ~ Dinah Craik

I like the quote shown above.  There are many things that we keep that are probably not worth keeping.  The statement above is of course subjective. The things you feel are worth keeping, may be different than what I feel is worth keeping.

The point is, that an important component of our quality of life, centers around the quantity of things that surround us. When we are surrounded by clutter, it can impact us in a negative way. When you remove the excess, or the clutter, it’s a liberating feeling and you feel much lighter, better in a positive way.  I know this from experience working with my clients.  They always feel much better, lighter, happier with less things.