Repurpose - ResizedMany clients will ask what type of containers to buy in preparation for our first organizing session. It makes sense to ask that question. What I tell them is, don’t buy anything just yet. We need to assess your needs first, then, begin to sort through all the items in a room or area of a room.

During the initial sort, all kinds of containers are emptied that you can repurpose for organizing systems to meet the need of that particular room or area. It’s amazing how many containers you have around your home that can be reused.

There could be some organizing solutions that require specific products, that you may not be able to repurpose items you have on hand.  Another thing you may want to consider is aesthetics.  Some like to have organizing solutions visually pleasing.  For those reasons a trip to the store is in order.

For most organizing solutions using this concept, you not only save time with an unnecessary shopping trip, you also save some money too!  Below is a list of some items you may have around your house that can be used as organizing containers. If you found others not on this list, please post them here.


•Coffee mugs

•Egg cartons

•Baby food jars

•Clear plastic containers, all shapes and sizes

•Shoe boxes

•Boxes that checks come in

•Plastic food containers that lost their lids

•Ziploc plastic storage bags

•Trash bags


•Empty pill bottles