life-situationsLife situations that create a need to declutter are many.  These situations typically create a change to your living dynamic.  Many are resistant to change and it’s understandable, especially at those times when you feel a loss.  However, sometimes it helps to take an action to work through that sense of loss.  Decluttering is a liberating feeling and may just be the right action for you.

Life situations occur whenever there is a change in your living situation.  This becomes an opportune time to declutter and organize for the new to come into your life.  The scenarios below provide some insight into how decluttering can turn life situations into a positive experience.

  • Selling your home – Prospective buyers want to be able to envision your home as their own. They want to ensure there is ample space for their belongings.  They will want to look at all the rooms, closets and in all the nooks & crannies.  Clutter takes up a lot of space and will prevent them from seeing the true potential of the home.
  • Moving to another home – As you pack your belongings, really look at your things. Make a decision on everything you and your family members own.  Keep in mind that the others need to be a part of the decision making, unless of course they are too young.  If you don’t need, use or love it, it needs to go. Moving unwanted, unnecessary items to your new home can be costly.  You may be paying a mover, and the more you move the more you will pay.  These unwanted items will take up prime real estate in your new home, which will cost you in storage space.
  • Someone moving into or out of your home (marriage, divorce, kids moving in/out) – When someone moves out, they will inevitably leave behind things they no longer want. Those unwanted things are clutter. After decluttering, you will see the space available in order to repurpose the room.  In the same vein, decluttering a room for a new occupant, provides the opportunity for this person to make the room his or her own without adding to existing clutter.
  • Having a baby – You may need to repurpose a room to welcome your new bundle of joy. There will be furniture and other items required to care for your baby, that you probably didn’t have in the past.  You will need to declutter this room before you can take the required steps to turn it into a nursery.
  • Remodels – Typically a remodel doesn’t change the purpose of a room. Even if it does, you have to clear out the space before work can begin. As you pack, you will find things you no longer use, need, love or have multiples.  After the work is done and you put away the keepers, you may find that you don’t fill up all the available storage space.
  • Death in the family (person or pet) – Everyone grieves in their own way and in their own time. When you are ready, decluttering can have a cleansing effect.  Whether it’s a beloved pet or other close family member, it will be emotional.  Keep the items that are near & dear to your heart, and let the others go.  If you need to clear out a house to put it up for sale, be mindful of the available space you have in your home for the things you want to keep.  If you don’t have room for all of it, donate existing things that you don’t use, need or love in your own home to free up space.

If you had, or have a different life situation that creates a need to declutter, and it’s not listed above, please post a comment.