mind clutterMind clutter can mean many things – too many thoughts, unwanted thoughts, negative thoughts, overwhelm, etc. The cause can come from within or from external sources or a bit of both.

Clutter is clutter, whether it comes in the form of things in our homes, or the thoughts in our brains. We need to purge mind clutter from our brains, just like we purge clutter from our homes. There are many benefits of having a clear, relaxed mind.  Reduced stress, focus, and increased productivity are just a few.

Sleep is one way to clear waste, or mind clutter from our brains. According to an online article in Medical News Today, researchers at Boston University in Massachusetts, have found that during sleep, cerebrospinal fluid helps the brain rid itself of waste.

After a good night of sleep, we awake refreshed and ready to take on the activities of a new day. A good night’s sleep can also help us find solutions to issues from the day before. We are more relaxed, so it’s a good time to focus on solutions to issues that we couldn’t find answers for the day before.

Relaxing your mind on a regular basis is a good way to clear mind clutter.  A quick way to relax your mind is to do some deep breathing exercises. This activity will slow your breath, which slows your heartbeat, which will consequently relax your entire body including your mind.

Practicing meditation works wonders to relax the mind to clear all the chatter. Breathing exercises are typically part of most meditations but it’s not the only component. If you are new to this practice, do some research to find some guided meditations that walk you through the process.  There are many phone meditation apps you can check out and my favorite is Insight Timer.

There are other ways to clear mind clutter other than a good night’s sleep and meditation.  However, they are probably the most effective long-term solutions.

Some quick fixes to clear the cobwebs from your mind are, as mentioned above, deep breathing exercises, doing a brain dump on paper of your thoughts & to-do’s, a brisk walk outdoors and some stretching exercises.

If you have other ways to clear mind clutter, quick fixes, or long-term solutions, please share them in the comment box below.