live aloneThere may come a day when mom can’t live alone anymore.  There are many different scenarios that could result in a senior loved one unable to live alone.  It’s typically poor health, either mentally or physically that indicates the need for mom to find a new home.

Family members are often blindsided if mom’s health has been good, then a sudden illness or injury leaves her unable to care for herself so she can no longer live alone.  Sometimes health declines steadily but mom won’t mention it because she doesn’t want to become a burden, or she knows she doesn’t have the income to be able to move to a new home that will provide the help she needs.

Typically, during a hospital stay, the hospital will send a social worker to meet with the patient and family members to discuss their living environment.  The social worker is there to help in circumstances where the patient’s health indicates that they can’t live alone anymore.  They can provide a list of senior living facilities in the area that meets their needs.

Finding a new place to meet her needs can be challenging, especially when income is minimal.  However, there are some options to assist you in your search.  Shown below are some things to consider so you can find the right place.  Be sure to keep mom involved in every aspect, and ask her opinion before you make her life changing event come to fruition.


Mom’s health is the main thing to consider.  You may have already had an assessment at the hospital to determine what level of care she needs going forward.  If not, an assessment needs to be done by a qualified healthcare provider such as a geriatrician.

Your mom may have some requirements other than her health that you need to consider.  Ask her if she has requirements that you may not understand.  She may want to live with you instead of an assisted living, or skilled nursing facility.  Some seniors have strong opinions about these living facilities.  If that is the case, do some research on in-home care providers if that is an option that you can accommodate for her.  This option will make you her primary caregiver which is not an easy role.  Do some research on caregiving to help you decide if this is a role you are willing to accept.


If you don’t already understand your moms financial state, this is the time to do some investigation.  Many seniors’ primary income source is social security.  Others could be Medicaid, pensions, IRA’s, other types of investments, or veteran’s benefits.  You need to understand how much she can afford on a monthly basis.  Veteran’s benefits or Medicaid may also provide in-home care money.


Since you are reading this post on the internet, I don’t have to tell you that the internet is an excellent source of information.  You will undoubtedly come up with a myriad of resources for every aspect.

Enlist help from family and friends.  They could have had similar experiences with a senior loved one in their lives.  Referrals from satisfied customers are the best!