estate sale companies

Estate sale companies are not used solely when someone passes away to clear out a home. The name is actually a misnomer since many people use them as a resource when they move.  Most everyone that I know downsizes, or reduces the amount of their belongings when they move to a new home.

A lot of times when people downsize to move to a smaller home, they have excess that they feel could be sold instead of donating to a charity.  However, they may not know how to, or want to do all the work associated with conducting a sale.

Estate sale companies are a good resource to get the best prices for your things, and to do all the work associated with the sale. They are experts on pricing, presenting your items in their best light, and advertising to get the right buyers to come to your sale. It’s a great way to make some money to help with moving expenses, and possibly lessen the stress of the move.

When I work with a client to downsize for a move, the topic of estate sale companies usually comes up. The client will ask for resources.  I like to give them a small list of local companies to contact so I don’t add to the overwhelm of their move.

I also suggest they get recommendations from family and friends. Most likely you know someone, or they know someone that hired an estate sale company in the past.  Ask them about their experiences with these companies so you know which ones to contact, or to avoid.

I encourage you to interview 2 or 3 estate sale companies to ensure you get the right fit for you. The questions listed below should give you the information needed to make an informed decision to choose the estate sale company to best fit your needs.

Interview Questions:

What is your minimum requirement for the total sale amount?

Do you provide a free estimate for an assessment?

Do you have availability for my timeline?

How are you compensated? Is it a percentage of the total sale amount? If so, what is that percentage?

How many days will the sale be presented, and the times for the sale?

Will I receive an itemized list of items that sold and what they sold for?

What happens with the items that don’t sell?