031416 Online_iStock_Medium - ResizedWe all say we need more hours in the day, more time. The reality is that we all have the same amount of time. What we do with the time we have indicates how productive we are. There is so much to do and we are always looking for shortcuts, ways to do what we need to do quickly. The Internet can be a wonderful time saving tool. It can also be a huge a time waster, so you have to be aware of the time you spend surfing the net.

The list of categories below can help you shorten your errand running list by using your computer, and save time, money, and reduce stress in the process. When you have your list of routine activities under control, you will have more time to concentrate on the more meaningful things in your life.


You can buy just about anything over the internet these days and have it shipped to your home. This one thing is probably the biggest time saver ever. Most companies have online sales to entice you to purchase online, so you can also save some money.


Just like online purchases, you can find the services you need by conducting an online search. You may be concerned about reputable service providers and that’s a just concern, however, there are online membership websites that provide lists of vetted service providers for a fee.


All of the items that you buy online are delivered to your doorstep. Estimated delivery dates vary depending on the item, but they usually have options for express delivery if you need your purchase delivered more quickly.

You can also check into other home deliveries to save some time. Groceries, prescriptions and dry cleaning can typically be delivered to your home these days.

Answers to any question you can think of are abundant online. Just enter your question into your browser and a list of entries will pop up to give you the answer you need. As mentioned earlier in this post, you can lose track of time as you surf the net. There are websites you can check out that will keep track of the time you spend on the internet.


This may not be that big of an issue anymore since so many people have smartphones that have apps to provide maps with step by step directions. There are also GPS devices you can plug into your car to provide audible directions. However, if you don’t have either of those devices, you may want to print out directions prior to your trip.