store spicesSpices & herbs are an integral part of the cooking experience. Whether you are baking a delicious dessert, or cooking a yummy meal for your family, chances are that you are using spices in some fashion.  Some prefer fresh spices & herbs to those that use dried, perhaps due to convenience.

Using fresh spices & herbs requires a larger quantity than the dried version, according to Martha Stewart.  There is also information in Martha Stewart’s post on how to store fresh cut herbs.  While using fresh spices & herbs may be more desirable than using dried, it is less convenient than opening a container.  But alas, there are pros & cons to every choice that we make.

During a kitchen organizing session, I’m often asked how long dried spices last.  There is not a quick answer to that question.  Some containers have ‘Best by’ dates on them, others have no date but do have a space to write the date opened.  Spices don’t actually go bad but may lose flavor over time according to Spice  Leaf spices lose their potency faster than whole spices.  How and where you store spices factors into the longevity of the potency of the spice, as stated on the Spice Hunter website.  Most people that I know, including me, store their spices near the stove which is detrimental to the flavor.  We most likely store our spices where we will use them, near the stove.

There are so many options to store spices but there is one commonality, containers with screw top lids. Some lids may have a snap open lid with options for pouring or scooping.  Most of us typically have multiple spices in our midst, so we need options that work with the storage space that we have available.

Pinterest has the most options to store spices that I’ve found in one location. These visual options range from buying products to creating your own based on your particular needs.  They show traditional racks including pulldown racks, drawer inserts, turntables, magnetic containers, and so much more! One thing to note is that most, if not all of these options also work great for prescription medications, which a lot of people store in the kitchen.

In order to determine the option that suits your particular needs, I recommend doing some prep work.  Count your spices, and determine available space based on the number of spices you currently own. Then factor in space for spices to add to your collection.  Now you can check out the available options based on your needs.

How do you store your spices?