memoriesLet’s face it, we all keep objects that have memories attached to them. The memory typically has an emotional attachment to the item.  That may be why we keep them.  Some feel that they will forget the memory if they discard the object.  That may or may not be true but there are ways to manage your memorabilia to keep your memories from fading away.

Everyone has different ideas of what they keep in terms of memorabilia.  I’m not talking about photos, that is a category all on its own, although it does fit the memories theme.

What I’m talking about are other things of all shapes and sizes that are attached to our memories.  It could be ticket stubs, a ball caught at a baseball game, favorite baby clothes, kid’s artwork, a corsage from a prom, trophies, souvenirs from travel, a cork from the champagne bottle from a wedding anniversary, etc.  We collect these items throughout our lives. They remind us of happy times.

When I work with clients, we always run across memories they made with their families and friends.  As we run across these items, they always bring up the memory of the item that the client shares with me. Then they go into the category of memorabilia.

Now that all these memories are gathered in one place, we need to determine what to do with them. That determination will differ by person. Like everything in life, there is no one size fits all solution.

A decision needs to be made for each item in terms of a solution.  Each piece is unique and may have specific requirements in terms of display and storage.  Research may be required for specialty pieces such as how to properly store a wedding dress.

Some may want to create scrapbooks, some may want to display items, others may want to take pictures and discard the item(s), and others may just want to store them in containers to review and reminisce on occasion.

Displaying or storing items have various options within each solution.  The list below shows examples of items within each solution to use as a guide to determine what works best for your memories. For additional ideas for display and storage you may want to search pinterest.


  • Wall hanging – quilts, clothing, shadow box, kid’s artwork, picture frames
  • Shelf – easel, display box, books/albums, trophies
  • Digital – digital picture frame, pc screen saver or background, kid’s artwork


  • Scrapbooks/binders – invitations, ticket stubs, announcements, programs
  • Clear containers – baby clothes, kid’s artwork, various items
  • Photo boxes – various paper items, travel souvenirs

How do you manage all of your memorabilia?