outdoor activitiesSummer is a great time for outdoor activities. Warm temperatures have a way of enticing us outside to enjoy all that nature has to offer. Whether it’s working in the garden, attending a local festival, or just taking a walk to get some exercise, being outside can provide relaxation and energize you all at the same time.

One of my favorite outdoor activities is the all-American backyard barbecue. Getting together with friends and family to relax, catch up and just enjoy the company is therapeutic. However, organizing such events can sometimes cause us to stress out a bit. Whether it’s an impromptu gathering, or a celebration such as a birthday or holiday event, some organizing is a must to relieve the stress and ensure a good time is had by all.

Depending on the outdoor activity, the level of effort you put into planning and implementation can be an indicator of your stress level.  You want to keep it light no matter the occasion to keep your stress level in check.

The checklist below will put you on the right track to organize successful outdoor activities such as my favorite, a backyard barbecue, so get going and have some fun!

>Decide on a date and time

>Invite guests

>Plan the menu and buy the food

>Delegate tasks to each family member to make it a family affair!

>Buy other supplies – paper plates, napkins, charcoal/ propane, etc.

>Fill a plastic tub with ice for beverages

>Determine where to eat, inside or outside

>If rain is in the forecast, have an alternate plan

>Make sure you have adequate seating for your guests

>Mow the lawn

>Clean up the yard, if you have a dog


>Get out the lawn games

>Light citronella candles to keep the mosquito’s at bay