gift closetThroughout the year, when I run across an item that I think would make a great gift for someone, I buy it and put it in my gift closet.The reason I do this is because, in years past when I found a unique item and I didn’t get it, and the occasion rolled around and I needed this item, I couldn’t find it again. It’s also an opportunity to be one step ahead in my holiday gift planning.

Purchasing these unique items as you find them presents another thing to consider, how and where to store them until you need them. Many of us have a space reserved just for gifts, whether you buy them months in advance, or shortly before the holiday season. It could be a closet shelf or a bin in the basement – some out of the way place to hide your treasures, a gift closet.

There are many options to create a gift closet. If you have the space, a closet dedicated to gifts is a great option. For those that are limited on space or don’t have a lot of gifts to give, a shelf in a closet works well. Plastic bins are a good option that can be stored in closets, basements, attics, or the garage, wherever you have available space.

There are many ways to organize the space. Think about what works for you. By occasion, or by person may be the most popular, but you may have something else in mind. Label bins and shelves to remind you which gift goes where. A list of occasions, dates and people would be good to post on the door, wall or bin in your gift closet.

And don’t forget to buy batteries for items that require them and that are not included with the item. You can keep these gifts out of sight, but when you need them, they won’t be out of mind.

What do you use as a gift closet?