Don’t you just hate finding those little paper specks on freshly washed clothes when you’re putting them in the dryer? I’m doing laundry as I write this blog post and just found some, yuck! As usual I’m trying to do way too many things at the same time to try and save some time. So, now I have to stop and pick them off of the jeans where the paper culprit was lying in wait for me to forget to check the pockets, nice! That’s because I don’t put jeans in the dryer, I hang them to dry to help keep them from shrinking. If I were to throw them in the dryer, picking off the specks probably wouldn’t be an issue, so here I am picking lint off my jeans.

Oh well, next time I have to remember to check pockets. Maybe I’ll post a note to remind me, my memory isn’t so great these days. Ya gotta love those visual cues as task reminders!