grocery bagsCurrently, the big question on my mind is, why do so many people use plastic grocery bags for storage? I see this in my client’s homes as well as family member’s homes, even my own.  Not by me of course, but others.

I’m calling them grocery bags but the reality is that all stores where you purchase products use them. Maybe grocery stores were the first ones to start using them, who knows, I certainly can’t remember that far back.

I see them in refrigerators, freezers, drawers, closets, garages; everywhere humans store things. Instead of storing packages of meat in zippered plastic storage bags, these purchases go into the freezer in the plastic grocery bag from the store.

Personal care items or other products that came from the store stay in these grocery bags when they are put away, wherever that may be.  They may not be put away and end up on the counter or floor and forgotten, and after some time become piles of clutter.

Most, if not all of these plastic bags are opaque colors.  Even the white bags are opaque so you cannot see what is inside. Not being able to see what is inside these grocery bags presents many challenges. The biggest being out of site out of mind.

Plastic grocery bags are not proper long-term storage containers.  The intent is for transporting purchases from the store to the destination of where you will use the products.  When you reach your destination, putting your purchases away in proper storage containers is the organized way to go.

The cost of keeping things in these grocery bags can be significant.  Significant costs in time and money. Time searching for items you don’t know you have because they are hidden in those opaque grocery bags. Money spent buying duplicates or triplicates because you can’t find those things that you know you have stashed away somewhere.

The best way to deal with this issue, is to put away purchases where they belong, in clear containers so you can see what you have as soon as you get home.

There is an environmental impact of using plastic grocery bags, as well as other types of bags. We are supposed to reduce, reuse, recycle to be good stewards of the earth. There is also information on the internet that compares the use of plastic versus paper, and the use of fabric tote bags.  From what I’ve read, none of the options for transporting purchases is ideal.  Search the internet for more information and make your own choice.  Whatever option you choose, please be conscious of your environmental footprint and reuse or recycle your bag of choice.

What types of containers do you use for long-term storage?