positive resultsThe definition of proactive according to the Merriam Webster dictionary is, “acting in anticipation of future problems, needs, or changes”. Positive results are sure to follow when you think about things that may happen if you aren’t mindful of yourself, and your surroundings, and take proactive steps to avoid potential issues.

Being mindful of yourself, your surroundings and future needs, is the first step in the process of being proactive. As you go along in life, and you see things that could potentially cause an issue in the future, for whatever reason, the next step is to determine the appropriate action to avoid the potential issue. By avoiding potential issues, you will end up with positive results which will also keep stress at bay.

The first list below shows some examples of being proactive. The second list below shows the positive results from the examples of being proactive.  Here is a link to a past blog post about being proactive but it doesn’t list the positive results from each action which is the whole point of being proactive.

Being Proactive is…
  • Performing maintenance on your home or vehicle
  • Getting regular wellness checks with a healthcare professional
  • Performing regular maintenance on your yards
  • Planting bulbs in the fall
  • Keeping track of birthdays, anniversaries & other special occasions
  • Making a change to an existing routine that no longer works with your current situation
Positive Results…
  • Occur from performing maintenance on your home or vehicle in the form of avoiding a breakdown at an inopportune time and costly repairs
  • Occur from getting regular wellness checks with a healthcare professional to find issues early to prevent them from becoming more serious and costly
  • Occur from performing regular maintenance on your yards to avoid spending more time and effort to keep them looking good, and avoid issues with your neighbors and penalties from your local governing body
  • Occur when planting bulbs in the fall that produce beautiful flowers beginning in the spring of the following year
  • Occur when you’re prepared for special occasions with greeting cards and thoughtful gifts presented at the appropriate time
  • Occur when a routine is tweaked to work better for your current situation