put it on the listWhenever I discover that I need something, I put it on the list. I wrote an article some years ago titled ‘How do you remember everything?’, it talks about lists in terms of to-do lists. This article is related to remembering, but in terms of needed supplies, not things to do.

With everything going on in our busy lives, it’s nearly impossible to remember everything we need to do, much less everything we need to buy to keep us going on a daily basis. When you discover that you need something, a list in a central location where you can easily see it maybe just what you need to help remember to buy it.

A lot of us have a pad of paper and a pen attached to our fridge that is used as a list of needed supplies. It becomes a visual cue as a reminder to replenish supplies and provides a shopping list.  If you are electronically inclined, there are many apps to load onto your smart phone to accomplish the same thing.

One of my favorite apps is Evernote. Just one of its many features is that you can create a list of needed supplies.  When you create the list and find an item you need, just put it on the list and you have it with you at all times.

Having a backup supply, or inventory is a good way to avoid running out of needed supplies if you have the space. But before you put it on the list, check your storage of backup supplies, or inventory to make sure you don’t already have it to avoid excess.

Check out the criteria below that I thought of to ‘put it on the list’. If you have others, please share in the comment box below.

Put it on the list when:

  • You are running low on a product
  • You run out of a product
  • You discover a product or item that you haven’t used before but need it now & where to get it
  • You need a product, or an item for a loved one that you care for
  • A special occasion is coming up where you need a gift
  • You need supplies for an upcoming celebration or holiday