save timeA while ago, I wrote an article with strategies to maintain your organized spaces. While those strategies will save time in the long run, these tips take just minutes and will also save time now when you incorporate them into your daily routine.  And the more you perform these daily routines, the quicker they will become habits and you don’t even think about them as you’re doing them.

Although we can’t stop, or pause time, we can manage the time we have by the way we perform organizing tasks. When we manage our time more effectively, it allows us to save time. Think of it as a repository of time that will allow you to spend time on more desirable activities.

All these quick and easy tips shown below can be found in other posts I’ve written in the past.  They are all tried and true organizing tips that will save time.  If you know of others not listed here, feel free to share them in the comments section below.

Organizing Tips to Save Time:

  • Schedule all appointments as they are made and factor in travel time.
  • Stairs – take items up or down as needed when you go, don’t waste a trip.
  • Donations – when you find an article of clothing or an item you no longer want, drop it into a designated bin for donations. When the bin is full, take it to your car to be dropped off at a favorite charity as you are running errands.
  • Before you begin running errands, plan the route to save time and fuel.
  • Keep a list of supplies on the fridge and jot down products that need to be replenished when you become of aware of them. This list of supplies will become the basis for your shopping list.
  • Open, sort and discard all snail mail as soon as you retrieve it from your mailbox. Perform this task in a pre-designated area with a shredder, trash and recycle bins. It will keep your mail from piling up.
  • Use the last 15-20 minutes of your day organizing your desk for tomorrow and jotting down tasks for the next day.
  • Looking for ways to streamline your regular routines can save time. Even a few minutes here and there adds up.
  • Want to save time making dinners during your busy work week? Prepare and freeze a few main meals during the weekend.
  • Save time by putting things back in their homes after use during your regular routines.