blog post According to the metrics on Google Analytics, the SOS most read blog post of 2021 is 6 Tips to Organize Your Thoughts. Apparently, it resonated with a lot of people during the past year. We did, and probably still do have a lot on our minds with the pandemic wreaking havoc over most aspects of our lives.

So many are searching for ways to cope in these uncertain, unprecedented times, and reading a blog post that you resonate with may help. Getting and staying organized in all aspects of our lives helps turn the chaos into a more calm and peaceful way of life.

The subject of organizing thoughts was interesting to me since it goes hand in hand in how to cope with, and how to reduce stress in our lives. That is key to pretty much everything in life, reducing and coping with stress.

In this particular blog post, there are tips intended to help with organizing thoughts. There are probably more not listed here but in the most basic sense, getting them out of your head so you can see them is the most important aspect.

When we actually see a thought on paper, or an electronic device, it gives us the clarity to be able to dissect it. At that point we are able to think about the steps we need to take an action to deal with the thought.

That is the other most important aspect of organizing thoughts in this blog post; taking action.  That is what the tips are intended for – taking action.  The concept of taking action also works well for reducing stress.

I know when I have an issue looming that I don’t know what to do about, I get stressed out and when I create a plan, which is taking action, my stress begins to melt away.  However, in order to create a plan, some research is required.

The internet is a great resource for information. We can find what we need quickly, and a lot of times the answers come to us in the form of a blog post, which it did in this case for so many which made it the most read SOS blog post for 2021.