Spring brings new beginningsSpring signifies rebirth, renewal, regrowth, new beginnings. Flowers are starting to bud as they wake from their winter slumber. Everything is fresh and new. It’s my favorite season! It’s a good time to open the windows to let out the stagnant energy after many months of winter, and let in new fresh air/energy. A good spring cleaning will refresh the inside of your home to coincide with the rebirth taking place outside. Before the cleaning begins, however, you need to de-clutter your spaces to enable your interior energy to flow freely. Cluttered spaces allows for energy to become stagnant, which can create a myriad of issues pertaining to health, wealth, and relationships, to name just a few. This is a great time to purge your spaces of items that you don’t love, don’t use, or no longer need. You will be amazed at your renewal of energy when your spaces are de-cluttered and refreshed!

How do I begin?

You know you need to get organized. You look around and there is clutter everywhere! A lot of times we make the decision not to do anything because we don’t know how to, or where to begin. However, if you take a little time to do some planning, that may be all the motivation you need.

The steps below will get you started on your journey. Remember to take baby steps so you don’t become overwhelmed. And reward yourself along the way, after all, you deserve it, you’re doing a fantastic job!

1. Schedule a future date to begin, but not too far into the future! Mark a red circle around the date on a centrally located calendar.

2. Discuss this work with other family members to engage them as participants.

3. Create a list of all rooms/spaces in your home.

4. Prioritize your list.

5. Assign a family member(s) to each room/space on your list; if the room/space is large, you may need the family as a team to complete the room/space.

6. Schedule dates with a realistic time period to complete each room/space on your list. This is just a rough estimate plus an hour or so added. Document the schedule on your centrally located calendar.

7. Go!