spring cleaningSpring is only a couple of weeks away and brings thoughts of awakenings and new growth. We also think about spring cleaning to refresh our homes that have been closed up all winter. Yes, the house needs to be refreshed, but what about your yard? It needs to be de-cluttered, cleared and refreshed in order to receive good energy to allow for all the new growth. Below are some tips to get you started. Spring cleaning your yard will also entice you and your family to enjoy good times and create memories in your little corner of the world.

• Take a walk around your yard to get a feel for what needs to be done, and make a list of tasks that need to be performed.

• Open up sheds that have been closed all winter to check the location and condition of your garden tools. Make sure that all the tools are in good working condition and make a list of the tools that need to be repaired or replaced as well as any supplies that need to be replenished. If you need an organization solution for tool storage or a revised system that will work better for you, now is the time to do the research.

• Schedule some time to work on your spring cleaning yard project based on the weather. Spring is typically the rainy season so you will need to work your schedule around the weather.

• Clearing out garden beds and raking leaves that have accumulated during the winter months is a good place to start. This will prepare the beds for mulch if you use it. I’ve been told that a layer of 2-3 inches of mulch every other year will suffice to keep the weeds down, and to hold in moisture.

• Start a compost bin if you don’t already have one. This is a great way to give back to the earth and the compost provides a natural fertilizer to work into the soil around your plants.

• Trim dead wood from shrubs, bushes and plants to promote new growth and for aesthetic value. Be careful to work around any new growth that you see.