stock upWhen you stock up on products that you always use, you can save time and money. Time is saved when you can quickly replace the product you used up.  Stocking up when a product goes on sale saves you money by not having to pay full price.

Stock up on products you always use so you have an ample supply of consumable, non-perishable items such as paper goods, cleaning products, personal care items, office supplies, etc. These items won’t expire, and you will continuously have a need for them.

Be mindful of available storage for the amount of inventory you plan to keep as you stock up when items go on sale.  As with all of your belongings, your inventory needs to be proportionate to your storage space. If not, you will end up with cluttered spaces and you don’t want that!

Check out available storage space in your home that will not degrade the products in your inventory before you stock up. Consider containers with lids to keep out critters if storing in a basement or garage. For this reason, and others, I recommend not to store products in the attic.

Once you find an area in your home to store your inventory, make sure that your products, all of your products, are easily accessible. Another important aspect of inventory storage is visibility. Clear plastic storage containers with lids work well, and to make the contents even more visible, label the containers. When you can’t see what you have, or how many you have of one product, you are in danger of buying more than you really need, or that your available storage will permit.

One way to keep your allotted storage space in check, is to consolidate products as much as possible. This doesn’t work for every type of product, but when you can, it will save space which fits in with the allotted space for your inventory as you stock up.