storage solutionsGot a lot of stuff and not enough room to store it? That could be the situation for many of us for different reasons. It could be that you’re going to college and will be living in a dorm, moving from your parents house to an apartment with a roommate or two, you could be getting married and perhaps combining 2 households, or maybe moving to a smaller home for retirement or just because you don’t need that much space anymore since the kids grew up and moved out. Whatever the reason, you now have too much stuff to fit in your new space.

There is much to do when moving to a new home. This article doesn’t go into all the details of moving, but it does talk about reducing your belongings to an amount that is proportionate to your new living space, and providing some storage solutions for small spaces. Just by looking at your new space, you know you need to reduce the amount of your ‘stuff’. This can be an overwhelming task so I suggest you give yourself plenty of time to go through your belongings, maybe with a friend or family member, and take it in small chunks. Perhaps start with a drawer or closet. Making decisions is exhausting and you don’t want to take on a huge area to start or you may get burned out really quick.

After you’ve culled through your things, take a look at the rooms/spaces in your new home, and take some measurements. You need to ensure that the furniture you plan to move will fit in the rooms where you need it to go. If it won’t, it needs to be donated, sold, or given to a family member that could use it. If your furniture is too big for the new space, you could sell it and buy smaller pieces with the proceeds. You may find that even after you move, you still have too many things and need to get rid of more stuff.

Now that you have fewer things, you still need storage solutions that will work for your smaller home. Storage solutions come in all shapes, sizes and prices. There are many stores that carry a wide variety of storage solutions. Some things to consider when you are working with less space:

Go vertical – Use bookcases with 5 shelves, wall hanging shelves, or shelf units that go over the toilet.

Hanging solutions – There are many storage solutions that hang over the door, from a closet rod, or can be mounted on the inside of cabinet doors. If you need more closet hanging space, consider a double hanging closet rod.

Hooks – Hooks are versatile and can be used on walls or on shelf units to store a myriad of things.

Futons – Futons are versatile in that they can be used as couch or unfolded to become a bed.

Under bed – There are long flat storage containers that slide right under a bed and can hold a lot.

Shown below are some ideas to help you make your stuff proportionate to your new space. Since its back to school season, many retailers are advertising dorm solutions. Some of these items may also work for your spaces as well. Most of these products can be found at Bed Bath & Beyond – one of my favorite places to shop for storage solutions. If you have their coupons, remember that they don’t expire so don’t throw them away, you can always use them.

Double hang closet rod – Bed Bath & Beyond

Over the door shoe organizer – can be used to store accessories too! – Bed Bath & Beyond

Under bed storage bag – Bed Bath & Beyond

3 tier toilet space saver – Bed Bath & Beyond

Over the door hair dryer basket – Bed Bath & Beyond

3M Command caddy & Recharging station – Walmart; can be used anywhere you have wall space along with their fabulous variety of hooks