Have you ever looked at some of your storage containersand thought they were drab, or boring? Yes, they may be functional, but they don’t really have the pizzaz to keep you motivated to stay organized. Maybe some options such as colorful patterns, personalization and lots of pockets would help.

The storage containers I’m referring to are not the plastic bins in the basement that no one sees. What I’m talking about are mainly mobile items such as, purses, totes, wallets, and lunch bags to name a few. These are the items you schlep around with you all the time, so why not have some fun with them and make them your own? I know just the product line to help you put the fun back into your boring storage container dilemma. It’s called Thirty-One.

They have a myriad of functional organizing/storage products that can be ordered to fit your taste, with various fabrics, designs, and personalization. And these products are well made and durable as well as affordable. So, go check out the Thirty-One website for all your fun storage needs!