storing stuffStoring stuff where you use it just makes sense. Did you ever spend a lot of time looking for something that isn’t where it should be? Maybe you didn’t find a home for it when you brought it into your house. Or maybe someone didn’t put it back where it belongs.

In the organizing industry we create zones. These are typically work zones for specific tasks. This is especially important in kitchens and offices, or office areas.  By storing stuff where you use it, you are creating zones.

In the kitchen there are various zones. Each zone has most, if not all the tools and supplies to complete a specific task. Making coffee is a good example of a zone.  The coffee maker sits on the counter top. Supplies for making coffee may be stored in a cabinet above or below, or on the counter near the coffee maker. The zones are for storing stuff where you use it.

In an office or office area, the desktop is the work surface. Depending on the flow of the process you use, some items may reside on the desktop, in drawers, in a filing cabinet, or in bins or shelves on the wall nearby. Storing stuff where you use it provides optimal productivity.

Benefits of storing stuff where you use it

Increased productivity

When you have all the necessary tools within reach, it saves time and maintains focus which increases productivity. You won’t break your concentration to go to different areas to gather tools to complete a task or project.

Saves money

You will save money because you won’t buy multiples of one item. Your supplies are stored together in the zone you create for that purpose.

In order to create an effective zone, think about the action to determine how and where it makes sense in your home to store the tools and supplies associated with the action. If you are short on cabinet space, go vertical and install a shelf. Bins and baskets that can sit on a shelf may work well to organize tools and supplies.

As you work in the zones that you create, you will realize the benefits of storing stuff where you use it.