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Media Storage-How to Determine Your Needs

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  Media storage can be challenging for many reasons.  Even though we’re living in the on-demand digital age, many of us have physical media that we still use.  Just like items that we can touch, we need to find a place for media to live and that means storage. Typically, we store our things where we use them. That makes our things easily accessible where and when we need them, and we know what we own so we don’t buy duplicates. As mentioned in previous posts, our belongings need to be proportionate to our living spaces.  With that in mind, [...]

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Organizing Your Gift Closet

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Throughout the year, when I run across an item that I think would make a great gift for someone, I buy it and put it in my gift closet.The reason I do this is because, in years past when I found a unique item and I didn’t get it, and the occasion rolled around and I needed this item, I couldn’t find it again. It’s also an opportunity to be one step ahead in my holiday gift planning. Purchasing these unique items as you find them presents another thing to consider, how and where to store them until you need [...]

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