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Fold T Shirts & File in Drawers

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Everyone has t shirts. Not everyone stores their t shirts the same way. Unless you hang them on hangers, you probably fold t shirts.  Some store them on a closet shelf, while others store them in drawers. When you store folded t shirts on shelves, you can easily see the colors which makes it easy to choose the t shirt you want to wear.  That’s not usually the case when they are stored in a drawer.  Since they’re stacked, you can’t easily see the t shirts on the bottom of the stack.  This may be one reason why we wear [...]

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Clutter Weight – Shed Clothes to Shed Weight

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As I look out my window at about a foot of snow, it’s hard to believe that spring began just a couple of weeks ago. I’m not sure if Punxsutawney Phil actually saw his shadow or not, but we certainly didn’t see an early spring here in the Midwest. I’m glad I didn’t put away the snow blower just yet. At this time of year, we start preparing for the coming of spring in terms of spring cleaning, and that can mean to shed weight…clutter weight. Changing our wardrobes from cold winter weather to warmer spring weather can jump start us [...]

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