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4 Strategies For Going Digital

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What does it actually mean to say you’re going digital?  We live in the digital age and so many actions we take involve a computer of some type.  There are laptops, electronic readers, smart phones, iPads, electronic devices for healthcare, voice recognition devices, etc.  The internet sends data through the ether to its intended destination as a form of communication. Companies of all shapes and sizes are going digital. When you make an online purchase, you enter credit card information.  When you make in-person purchases you have the option to swipe or insert a credit card or put your phone [...]

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Managing Email Clutter

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Sending electronic mail or email messages is a quick and effective form of communication, for both personal and business use. It’s fascinating to me that I can send a message to someone in another country and get a response within seconds. Messages can include file attachments such as documents, pictures and even videos. Keeping in touch with family, friends and business contacts couldn’t be easier! Just about everyone I know has a computer, laptop, iPad, smart phone or other communication device, and at least one email account, some have multiple accounts. The more accounts you have, the bigger the challenge is to [...]

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