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Finding Homes For The Gifts You Receive This Holiday Season

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This is truly the season of giving! The religions and cultures that celebrate the season include Hanukkah, Christmas, and Kwanzaa, and all these celebrations include giving and receiving gifts. The gifts you receive come from those that want to show their love and appreciation. I’ve written posts in the past about giving gifts of time, service and memories that will avoid accumulating clutter. This post is about how to find homes for the gifts you receive that will also avoid accumulating clutter. This concept goes back to the basic organizing principles, in this scenario, finding and assigning homes for your [...]

Consumable Gift Ideas Just in Time For The Holidays

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What do I mean by consumable? The definition of consume as defined by Merriam Webster dictionary is ‘to use up’. The reason this is important is that something consumable will be used up and will not end up as clutter. The only caveat to that idea is that it needs to be consumed. Gifting can be a tricky situation at best. Understanding the needs and wants of the recipients is not always easy.  We want to show our appreciation of the person with a well thought out gift.  It needs to be tailored to each individual. One thing to consider [...]

Tangible Memories That Won’t Create Clutter

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Some of my friends have lost loved ones recently, including beloved pets. We discuss intangible as well as tangible memories of them. They speak of nuggets of memories and happy or funny stories they remember about them. They hold tight to those memories as they grieve. My friends and I honor the loss of their loved ones by gathering together to enjoy each other’s company, laugh and cry with them and lift a glass to their loved one. We also give them gifts in the form of tangible memories, something that won’t create clutter. Some time ago, I wrote a [...]

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Gifting Experiences

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Gifting experiences instead of giving material gifts makes sense for so many reasons.  The most important reason is that experiences = memories.  In the words of Maya Angelou, “I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”  Experiences create memories, and the feelings from those memories, like the memory itself, will last a lifetime. The holiday season is upon us which signals the start of ads for holiday gift buying.  Black Friday kicks off the sales with Cyber Monday close behind.  Everyone is looking [...]

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Yikes! Only 79 days ‘til the Christmas Holiday – Will you be ready?

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Do you flinch at the very thought of the coming holidays? Are you afraid you won’t select the perfect gifts? Or forget to prepare a favorite dish? Or maybe miss sending a card to someone you have not seen for a long time? Are you so busy rushing around performing tasks that you don’t get a chance to visit with your guests? Holidays can be very stressful events for a variety of reasons. The most popular main holidays, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, and Christmas are probably the most stressful, but they don’t have to be. It should be a festive time for families [...]

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Organizing Your Gift Closet

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Throughout the year, when I run across an item that I think would make a great gift for someone, I buy it and put it in my gift closet.The reason I do this is because, in years past when I found a unique item and I didn’t get it, and the occasion rolled around and I needed this item, I couldn’t find it again. It’s also an opportunity to be one step ahead in my holiday gift planning. Purchasing these unique items as you find them presents another thing to consider, how and where to store them until you need [...]

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Gift Giving for the Holidays

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Jingle Bells, Silent Night, and Joy to the World are just some of the wonderful carols we sing to celebrate the season. We hear them piped into all the stores earlier and earlier every year. It’s the retailer’s way of getting us in the holiday moodand enticing us to buy gifts from them for all our gift giving. Some of the stores even have a calendar countdown to show us how few days we have left until Christmas. It’s a lot of pressure on us to make sure we have all the gifts purchased for everyone on our list. And finding [...]

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This Father’s Day, Give a Gift to Reduce Stress

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June is the month when the summer solstice changes the season from spring to summer.  It’s also when we honor our family patriarchs by celebrating Father’s Day. This is a day when all dads everywhere get to kick back and relax in a way to reduce stress and just enjoy their special day. We like to pamper dad by showering him with gifts.  Giving gifts is a great way to show dad how much we appreciate him for all the love and support he’s given us over the years. Another way to show your father how you feel is to [...]

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