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Save Time With These Quick Easy Tips to Stay Organized

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A while ago, I wrote an article with strategies to maintain your organized spaces. While those strategies will save time in the long run, these tips take just minutes and will also save time now when you incorporate them into your daily routine.  And the more you perform these daily routines, the quicker they will become habits and you don’t even think about them as you’re doing them. Although we can’t stop, or pause time, we can manage the time we have by the way we perform organizing tasks. When we manage our time more effectively, it allows us to [...]

9 Tips to Rightsize Your Stuff

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Image courtesy of renjith krishnan/ Did you ever wonder how you ended up with so much stuff? The answer is…life happens. You need things; things to take care of you and others. You need things to help you earn a living. You need things to clean your home. You need things to prepare and eat food. You need things to decorate you and your living spaces. The list of things you need can seem endless, especially when you’re just starting out.   You acquire things as you discover that you need them. Then as time goes by, you find that you [...]

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