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2 Valuable Lessons Learned From My Remodeling Project

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My kitchen is done, yay!  I couldn’t be more pleased with the end result, however, I want to share some lessons learned with you, and some before & after pictures. This is the last in the series of posts describing my journey to a new kitchen.  If you missed the last post, Preparing For My Kitchen Remodel, click on this link. Whenever you work on a project, whether it’s big or small, whether you do the job yourself, or you hire others, there will be challenges.  You don’t know what you don’t know; this statement was used in previous posts [...]

Preparing For My Kitchen Remodel

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As mentioned at the end of my last post, Planning My Kitchen Remodel, the next topic in this series is preparing for the first step, demolition. Where will it all go? Everything has to be removed from the room, or in my case, rooms.  I likened it to moving from one house to another, only on a smaller scale.  Everything in the space needs to be packed up and moved somewhere else.  If you have a large home, this may not be an issue.  In my case, my home is not real big so I had to get creative in [...]

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Planning My Kitchen Remodel

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  As mentioned at the end of my first article, Spring Into Home Remodeling Projects, the next article would be about planning, so here it is. Timing I chose spring because Midwest winters can be harsh & I wanted to use the garage as a staging area but need the garage for our cars. A staging area is needed to store furnishings while the floor is being laid, and to store delivered materials prior to the project start date.  Oh yes I forgot to mention that the family room next to the kitchen needs new flooring, so it will be [...]

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Spring Into Home Remodeling Projects

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Spring is typically a busy time to start home remodeling projects.  After being in the house for so long over the winter months, we notice things about our homes that we would like to change. It may not be a ‘nice to have situation’, it may be out of necessity.   In my case, my kitchen really, really needed some help.  It’s an older home and parts of the kitchen were maintained, not updated.  Appliances may have been changed out as they broke down, but little else was done.  The inside of the cabinets are metal, which I believe was the [...]

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