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A Well-Organized Girls Weekend

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Getting away for the weekend, especially with the girls, is a great way to relax, regroup, party and laugh, sometimes until we cry.  It’s a wonderful form of therapy. My friends and I have enjoyed getting away for a girls weekend for the past 36 years. Yes, you heard that correctly, 36 years. Last year we weren’t able to go due to the pandemic, which would have been year 35. Every 5 years since inception, we have shirts made to commemorate the occasion.  We had shirts made last year since it was a milestone year, even though we didn’t go. [...]

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Girlfriends: The Best Therapy That Money Can’t Buy

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Image courtesy of artur84 / The title really kind of says it all.  I don’t know what I would do without my girls!  We are therapy for one another.  The bond between my girlfriends is strong and we are always there when we’re needed. They are my sisters from another mother. We share the laughter as well as the pain in our lives. Life has a way of charging at us like a bull, full speed, with reckless abandon.  Sometimes it just doesn’t slow down, it keeps coming and coming. That’s when the stress of daily life becomes overwhelming. [...]

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