ThanksgivingSome major holidays are coming up and there’s much to do.  Thanksgiving comes first so let’s talk about your plan.  Do you have one?  Whether you are hosting this glorious feast or just attending, I bet you will at least provide a favorite dish.

Creating a plan can save a lot of time and eliminate stress, so you can enjoy the holiday whether you host, or attend at a loved one’s home.

The Plan

Your plan should be all-inclusive of every task that needs to be done.   Begin by writing down all the tasks and estimate about how much time it will take to do them.  Determine which tasks can be done prior to the day, and schedule the dates the tasks will be done.  Then assign tasks to family members if possible, so all the work is not on one person.  The farther in advance you begin the planning process, the better.

Thanksgiving Menu

The menu is center stage for this yearly event, so if you host every year, you will want to make notes on the menu for what worked and didn’t work, for the next year.   Another thing to note on the menu, are the ingredients for each dish.  By doing this the menu doubles as your shopping list.   Review your menu far enough in advance to take advantage of sales for the ingredients.

Thanksgiving Guest List

Another thing to consider in advance, is the guest list.  For those guests that live far away, you want to give them enough time to make travel plans.  Again, if you host every year, re-use the guest list from last year.  Make modifications for this year and contact all your guests in advance.  This will give them enough time to determine a dish they will bring.  That will also help you with your menu.

Planning for the holidays can reduce our stress level that sometimes seems to skyrocket at this time of year.  After all, we don’t want to be working all through the festivities; we all want to enjoy the holidays with our loved ones!