keeping your things visibleKeeping your things visible doesn’t necessarily mean to store everything you own out in plain view, although that’s one way to do it if you have the space. It just means that you are able to see all of your belongings at a glance so you know what you own. How you organize your belongings factors into the visibility concept.

If you aren’t keeping your things visible, how do you know where an item lives so you can find it? How do know where to put your things back where they belong? How do you know what items you even own? How do you know how many items you own so you don’t buy unnecessary duplicates or more?

Arranging your things, and labeling spaces and containers is a way of keeping your things visible, even behind closed doors. Some are stuff in people and others are stuff out people.  Those that need their things out can keep their things visible by putting them in clear containers, and/or using labels in the space where their items live. This concept also works well for stuff in people.

Placing all items facing forward so you can see their labels is a way of keeping your things visible. Food products need to be arranged with the labels facing forward, and on risers, or turntables in cabinets, pantries and refrigerators so you can see them all.

Storing frozen food in anything but clear bags or containers, such as opaque plastic bags from the grocery store, and yes, I’ve seen this done, is not keeping your things visible. When you do this, you can’t see what is inside these bags so you may buy more of the same thing, or not use it before it gets freezer burnt. This concept isn’t just for frozen food. If you don’t empty bags of new purchases and assign them a home right away, they may end up in a pile forgotten and soon become clutter.

It can also be a matter of safety depending on the item. Cleaning products or other chemicals can become a safety hazard if the label isn’t visible and you grab it and use it thinking it’s something else. You may think this is a stretch but believe me, it does happen.

As you can see from the scenarios and tips above, it’s important to keep your things visible on your path to live a more organized life.