AcquiringWe need to take a proactive approach in developing a strategy to keep from accumulating too much stuff. The best way to keep our spaces clear and to keep from accumulating so much stuff is to really think about our acquiring habits. Think about what prompts you to go online, go to the store to make a purchase, or any other form of acquiring. We all have needs that require us to make purchases. We also have a certain amount of space to store those purchases. If you continue to purchase, and fail to discard some of your existing things, that’s when it becomes an issue. Those things become clutter which is stagnant energy that will steal your peace.

A simple strategy to keep your tangible things down to a minimal amount may be to think about why you will make the purchase. We acquire things from a myriad of sources and for a variety of reasons. We need to buy supplies on a frequent basis such as food, clothing and medicine. Other purchases less frequently, such as a car, or home furnishings. The less frequent purchases are typically more costly so we may do some research perhaps to get the best price, which consequently, causes us to put more thinking into the purchase. If something costs less, you may be more likely to think less about the purchase. The next time you decide to make a purchase, ask yourself these 6 questions:

• Do I really need this, or just want it?

• Do I already have one or something similar?

• Will I use it?

• Why do I want to buy this?

• Do I have the space to store it?

• Will I discard the thing it will replace?

By asking yourself these questions, you will be able to buy fewer things, keep your spaces clear and save some hard earned dollars in the process.