The holiday season is in full swing and so is the season of giving.  That’s what the holidays are all about… givingTo give of one’s abundance, is the definition of giving, as shown in

We give thanks during the Thanksgiving holiday for the abundance of blessings bestowed on us throughout the year.  Charity food drives are prominent at this time, as a means to give of one’s abundance.

Donation drives to give away your excess things are also in full swing.  This is a good time to purge not only your things, but to have your kids go through their toys to donate things they no longer want. Your kids will receive a two-part teaching experience; about charity and also about decluttering!

So, why do we give?  Well, for a lot of reasons.  The list below shows just some of the benefits of giving.

  • Helping someone in need is an energizing feeling.
  • It’s a way of giving back to your community.
  • Clearing clutter from your spaces, and donating these items, allows for new things and experiences to come into your life.
  • It helps teach your children about charity to allow them to develop into caring, well-rounded adults.
  • Donating to a favorite charity is a great way to give. Things that are no longer useful to you could be just what someone else needs.

There are many mechanisms in which to give.  Some are small, such as putting change in Salvation Army’s red kettles that begin to magically appear before Thanksgiving.  A larger effort could be organizing a fundraiser for a cause that is near and dear to your heart.  Whether you are giving something that is tangible, or you give of your time, large or small, you are still making an impact in someone’s life.

What is your favorite way of giving?