Traveling with kidsWhen traveling with kids, you often hear this question – ‘are we there yet?’ These are 4 words that parents hear from the backseat a lot when traveling, especially during holiday travels.  Kids get bored easily and just sitting there without anything to keep them busy will prompt this question frequently. They are also probably excited to get to their destination to start the holiday festivities!

Some kids have more energy than others, and sitting still for long periods of time can be difficult for them.  Small children that are required to ride in car seats have more of an issue since they can’t move around much.  And if you have more than one child in the car, they could end up aggravating the others because they’re bored.

When traveling with kids, the goal is to keep your little ones busy so you don’t hear those 4 words often, or at all, wouldn’t that be great? In this age of innovated technology, there are many vehicles that come equipped with dvd players.  Playing a favorite movie is a great way to occupy young minds during road trips.

If your vehicle doesn’t have a built-in dvd player for the kiddies, there are other options for a more peaceful travel experience. You could also bring a portable dvd player to play their favorite movies.  Below is a list of some other things you can do to keep idle hands and minds busy during the trip. If none of these work, bribery is another option to consider.  I jest of course, but consider these tips to make the time pass faster, so you will be at Grandma’s house in no time!

  • Have each child pack a backpack with their favorite toys and games for the trip.
  • Visit this website for some fun family games to play during your travels.
  • Map out your route to include some fun places to stop along the way.