calendarOne thing that all my older clients have in common, is that they use a wall calendar as their schedule.  The kind that have big squares for each date so they have room to jot down multiple appointments.  The kind they can get at the dollar store, or that so many charities send to them when they make a donation. Nothing wrong with that, I use one myself. It’s old school but efficient.

Some seniors are adapting to digital technology and use a computer, smart phones, or at least a cell phone.  Those that use smart phones may not use all the features. They may use the contacts, camera, text, do a google search, or some even use Facebook, but most do not use the calendar feature.  For scheduling they stick to their wall calendar. I have to give them credit for learning something new!

Most professional organizers advise their clients to use one calendar only.  It makes sense.  If you use multiple calendars, there is the possibility of forgetting to update all of them.  It can mean that you miss an appointment because you didn’t look at the calendar that has the appointment scheduled.

Using digital or paper is a preference thing. Some need to write things down to help them remember, I’m one of those people. I’m guessing that my senior clients may use a wall calendar for that same reason, or maybe because they’re used to doing it and haven’t considered changing an established habit.

My smart phone is used to schedule all appointments and tasks however, I do use a wall calendar as well.  Let me explain.  Like most everyone, my phone is with me wherever I go.  I get audible alerts to remind me that I have a scheduled task or appointment coming up.  It’s a good feature since we all have so much to remember.

For certain tasks or appointments, I use the calendar on the wall near where I work.  Typically, at the beginning of the year, I document monthly tasks such as putting flea preventative on my cat. I can see at a glance when these certain tasks or appointments are coming up. Another task I document in my phone and on my wall calendar is haircut appointments.  It’s a lot easier to flip through the pages to see when the last time was that I got my hair cut.

The concept of using one calendar, paper or digital is a sound practice. However, there are times when more than one calendar is a good idea.  My suggestion is to consider the importance of the appointments and tasks that you need to remember, and schedule according to what works best for you.

What media do you use to schedule appointments?