tagsUsing tags to mark items during downsizing is so important. When you’re downsizing to move to a smaller home, it can get confusing if items are not tagged correctly. Something may be moved that should not be, or vice versa.

The first part of the organizing process is sorting, or putting like items together using tags for various categories. This first step allows you to see all the items in one category, so you know what you want to keep. You may have multiples of one item so you know the rest can go, or you may not need the item depending on where you’re moving to.

Retirement communities or condo/villa communities don’t require the resident to maintain the outside, such as lawncare, so most or all of your lawncare items will not move with you. Chances are if you’re moving to a retirement community, you will no longer be performing maintenance tasks that require ladders or other cumbersome tools.

When someone moves to a smaller home from a larger home, they don’t need or want the same number of items, that’s the main reason to downsize.  They don’t have the space, and they want to avoid clutter.

Many people that downsize to move to a smaller home, sell their excess belongings. Estate sale companies are a wonderful resource to find homes for the things you no longer need or want. You will want to interview at least a couple of companies to find the right fit for your needs. The companies I’ve dealt with will tell you to take the things you want, and they will sell the rest.

Using tags helps everyone involved in the process to understand what to do with each item. The way you tag items is a personal preference. Some use tape, sometimes in various colors for its final destination, others use sticky notes and a marker.

Determine the verbiage you want to use with the tags, so everyone is on the same page. For example, ‘keep’ or ‘move’ can mean that that item gets moved to your new home; ‘sale’ can mean that that item is included in the sale; ‘name’ can mean that that item goes to the name on the tag.

Whatever verbiage you determine, everyone involved needs to understand the meaning of the tags to ensure your items end up in their proper places.